Browning ProSteel Gun Safes
Browning ProSteel Safes
Ease-of-Use Features
  • Ease-of-Use

If there is one set of features that make a Browning ProSteel safe stand out from the crowd, it's ease-of-use and convenience. No other brand of safe can match our innovation when it comes to maximizing storage, organization and access inside the safe. Our raised floors and external 180 Hinges allow full interior access and patented DPX and Axis Shelving systems lead the industry in safe storage.

  • DPX Storage System

    DPX Storage system

    The patented Duo-Plus Extra (DPX®) Storage System is a unique storage system on the back of the safe door. It allows you to store up to 30% more guns than a traditional safe. A long gun rack and a variety of pouches provide quick and easy access to items.

  • Scope Saver

    Scope Saver

    The patented Scope Saver is found exclusively on Browning ProSteel Safes with the DPX Storage System. The Scope Saver takes advantage of unused space in the door to keep scoped firearms protected and ready for use.

  • Axis Adjustable Shelving

    Axix Adjustable Shelving

    The Axis Adjustable Shelving is the most versatile shelving system in the market. Movable shelves, both horizontally and vertically, create an almost unlimited shelf configuration.