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ProSteel Security Door Features

Innovative Patented Security Features

ProSteel Security Doors, Tornado Doors and Vault Doors have patented security features and locking systems to protect you and your valuables. No other vault door, security door or tornado door can match our innovation when it comes to security features and locking systems. Our doors are FEMA 320 compliant with proven security components including type 1 locks and patented locking systems.

ProSteel Door Security Features

  • FEMA 320 Compliant

    FEMA Certified

    ProSteel's FEMA 320 steel doors are designed to withstand tornado force winds and to resist missile penetration by flying debris in order to protect occupants from injury.

    Our security doors, tornado doors and vault doors were tested using a 15-pound, 2x4 inch wood board traveling horizontally at 100-mph and impacted by three "missiles" in different and vulnerable locations.

  • Round Locking Bolts

    Round Locking Bolts

    The Locking Bolts are round hardened steel bars that move behind the door frame to hold the door locked and closed. Bigger bolts and more of them, provide greater security.

  • Duo Formed Door

    Duo Formed Door

    Our Duo Formed Doors are made from multiple layers of steel, carefully joined together, to provide superior strength, security and protection.

  • UL Listed Type 1 Lock

    UL Type 1 Lock

    A UL Type 1 Lock is highly resistant to manipulation and has a built in re-locker. With more than 1,000,000 possible combinations, this lock provides great security.